Sorry We Missed You (Ken Loach, 2020)

Kris Hitchen stars in director Ken Loach’s new film  Sorry We Missed You

Coming hot on the heels of I, Daniel Blake (2016), Ken Loach’s most commercially successful film aside from the now-classic Kes (1969), Loach decided to turn his attention to a new problem facing working class people. Loach has always been recognised and acclaimed for his focus on the everyman, and Sorry We Missed You is no different, with the focus of the film honing in on a working class family of four who find themselves in a situation of great financial and emotional stress.

The primary focus of the film is placed on the shoulders of Ricky, the father of the family who finds himself seduced by the appealing idea of becoming a so-called “self-employed” delivery driver after having been laid off from his job as a construction worker. As soon as Ricky first attends an interview about the job, it becomes apparent that something isn’t quite right – there seems to be an endless list of rules to comply with, incredibly harsh expectations and above all else a shockingly low pay, placing these drivers in a position of financial fragility and offering a sliver of hope for stability so minuscule it may as well not even exist in the first place. Despite his doubts and finding himself determined above all else to find himself a job that enables him to spend more time with his family, Ricky takes the job and soon starts delivering. 

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